hello rain. hello cloudy cold weather.


I’m already on my second cup of peppermint tea. Fire is on and in my pj’s. Great Sunday….well kinda…(read below)

Emma loves to twirl. But today she had too much of twirling and got so dizzy she fell over and started yelling/crying. She was scared. Then came the pattern Travis and I are getting familiar with when she gets too dizzy.


then fever. (in like 2 min-crazy)

then clings to whomever like they’re her lifeline.

begins to shake.

then gets drowsy.

then throws up randomly


You can see which stage she is in right now. We prayed to Jesus though and banking on the fact He will intervene and heal her little head before she wakes up.

~ As much compassion I have for her, I also randomly feel sad for Travis. I know that he was hoping our little girl would ride all the crazy rides with him at the amusement parks. Unfortunately, she seems to have my tolerance for spinning things. Like zero. ┬áBut who knows, maybe our next boy/girl will be Travis’ long awaited roller coaster partner. Here’s hoping.

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