Spring thoughts

Photo editing still down, becoming desperate and starting to want to look into other editing tools.

Some thoughts:

THIS blog is inspiring enough but her latest entry about stealing/pruning of some local branches with blossoms has made me want to walk outside more. Take a nature walk and come back with some goodies. I deeply love bringing the outside in.

Right now I have some bright cheery yellow flowers but there is just something about beautiful branches with flowers/blossoms/leaves.

Totally feeling the need to ‘spring-afy’ our little home here. And that means color baby. Color. I already have  some lemons and oranges, flowers and colorful candles. Any other ideas?

I am wanting to re-do our bedroom. It’s kinda a gathering  place for all our books. It is without a theme and it’s not very relaxing, which a bedroom must be. I’m thinking green and white. Fresh, clean and symbolizes life.

*warning: unedited dark picture coming…try to imagine it with a lot of light. Bright yellows and fresh neon greens.


I am trying to remain focused with fundraising. There are a lot of little things that can easily distract. (see above thoughts) and my heart is so in moving but it is such a huge undertaking that I constantly remind myself of the next baby step. One doesn’t leap over mountains, they are walked over.

Travis got me the most amazing tea pot, warmer, trivet and set of cups.  Did I ever tell you I collected tea pots? This latest is huge. Perfect for a large group.  They are all different but go together. He was apart of the choosing and that meant a lot to me. Can’t imagine how exciting it was for him to be apart of it all, but I loved having him with me. Thanks babe!

We came back from New York last week and I am happy to be done with traveling for a while. Bring on the mundane and boring and I will show you security and comfort.

Lastly, and most unimportantly I have added a bit of spring and color to my day. Emma picked out the color. 🙂


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  1. Love the new look of your blog. And those banana, marshmellow, choc dessert things look great!!

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