Bananas and Jane Austen

So the photo editing site I use to edit all my picts is kinda broken and I’m internally freaking out. It’s amazing how dependent I’ve become to posting picts. Maybe it’s just cause I’m such a visual person and even though you read this blog, I like seeing my pictures too.

So I will try to break through the ‘noooo, I can’t post without all my pictures pretty and edited!!!!!’ mindset.

So here it is. Yes it will be painfully clear which pictures are not edited. But I guess you get a  chance to see my raw pictures.


I have a friend, who I am sad to say I don’t get to see that often, who showed me this amazing recipe. He, yes he, made these while camping in a foil pouch and I loved them so much and have been craving something like it that I just decided to a couple days ago.

(Hi Mychal!! I miss you and  your beautiful wife Alexis!)

There is no need for a recipe, just look at the pictures and copy. You might like to know there is one banana per ramekin.

Picnik collage

You could have fun and mix in mint or peanut butter chips. Or colored marshmellos for a holiday or something. They decrease in cooking so don’t be too alarmed when you pop these babies into the oven and they resemble a mountain.


My Mt. Marshmello. It reduced GREATLY in size.

*if you cover with foil (like a teepee) the marshmellos will not expand.

There is no need for liquids to be added. The banana is liquid enough. Trust me.


We also had book club this past Friday. It went freaking awesome. I so love the women in our group and the insight and opinions they had to offer.

We laughed, had amazing mango pina coladas (oh yes- holla!) and amazing food. This is the peanut butter chocolate pound cake I brought. 🙂


There was no meat. No children. No boys. The book we read was Mansfield Park by Jane Austen. Wonderful book with a lot of underlying themes one could study for a while. We also watched the BBC version. Best attempt we all could find…but still the book is better.

It feels like a great accomplishment to have read a famous book like this one. Heck, to have read ANY of Jane Austen’s books feels like an accomplishment.

Our next book will be Sense and Sensibility.

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