Austin: part 1

The city of Austin,TX. It is wonderful.


We were able to visit family just this last week and it was so wonderful. Everything, the food, weather but especially the family time. (Awww) Someone asked me what my favorite part was and it took me a moment to think about all we had done.

But in the end it was staying up till 1am, 2am and midnight talking with my Granmom. L.O.V.E.D. it. *heart

And even thoughI took millions of pictures I never got one with just her and I. Sad. Next time Granmom 🙂


We went on a segway tour throughout the city and had a BLAST! Thank you so much Aunt Donna and Aunt Carol for finding it and making it happen. What a gift!


The State Capitol. With it’s quirky-ness that Travis and I both love. Budda butter anyone?

NoneHow about Trav in a helmet on his segway?   🙂


TONS more pictures. Thinking about just making a huge collage to get a bulk out of the way. 🙂

But I’ll end with some advice. Visit Texas, specifically Austin. It’s the best city in the great state of Texas.

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