Attitude change


DSC_0217.JPG This is my spot of internet right? Like my own little place I can say a few ideas or opinions.

Well, I have noticed today that as I hurried to fill our half deflated tire and get our oil change which was over due and light flickering on, I’ve been in a bad mood. It’s not because it’s cold and raining here- I just layer more layers on. It’s familiar.

But rather I am allowing the interaction between the Jiffy Lube guy and me to taint my day. And even though it would be very easy and sadly familiar to blab on and on about how I’m justified in all this, I want to chose the high road.

I chose and am continuing to chose to change my day and attitude. That is the power I have.

I have been given little presents from God and my job is to find them. A couple I’ve found already:

* A prefect husband for me and a daughter who is the most adorable and cherished little girl you will ever meet.

*A white chocolate mocha WITH whipped cream.

*A Cinderella princess dress for only 5.99 at Ross

* A safe home.

*Clothes that keep me warm. Including shoes

*great friendships

* food for a menu

Thanks God for neverending to show me your goodness. Sometimes it is so easy to feel overwhelmed by all I ‘need’ to do. I am so grateful you will always be with me. I like being around you most of all.


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  1. Thanks Alexis for the great reminder that we have power over our attitude AND that God has placed many presents in our lives for us to unwrap and treasure and thank Him for! I think today I will celebrate the day with an attitude of praise and gratitude. You have inspired me!

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