Blue skies


Today I do not feel like myself. Like I’m a car that needs a jump.

I’m getting things packed and cleaned for our trip but I’m just not feeling like myself. And even when a good friend came over I noticed my stress level was already high before I opened the door.

Maybe it’s because I haven’t finished packing and I like feeling all prepared.

Maybe it’s because God’s working on my co-dependent-ness with Trav.

Maybe it’s cause It’s raining outside.

All I know is that I took a hot shower, drank my wonderful sweetened pepermint tea and the lilies Trav gave me are smelling up our house. Good things are happening around me, but I realized I am looking for ‘things’ to make me feel better. Poor choice.


I think it’s a deeper reason I’m feeling this way. Because honestly, packing the day before is no biggie for me- that is being prepared and I like the rain- it makes me feel snuggly.

I’m in dialog with God about this and will see what happens from this.


~ I took these pictures of last night’s sunset. God is so creative. I am amazed how He consistently makes new sunsets. I’m so glad He likes color.


In any case, I am excited about tomorrow’s flight (even thought it still doesn’t feel real) and can’t believe I’m going to see my family face to face! It feels like it’s been too long. Can you tell I’m a family person? 🙂

Our house is vacuumed and cleaned, library books turned in, two out of 3 suitcases in car, garbages taken out and the dishwasher is clean and empty. All in all, ready to make a grand farewell to our beautiful little home.

And we are ready for the sunnier warmer skies.

Hello to thunderstorms, light scarfs, late night talks with Granmom, Tex-mex, Travis’ brother, laughing with aunts/uncles and cousins, looking through old pictures, taking new pictures, SONIC and light jackets.

Good bye heavy coats, heavy soups, sweaters, cleaning, laundry and light rail crossing alarms. Good bye good friends- I’ll miss you and look forward to hanging out when we get back. 🙂

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