Today is just one of those days…


~ It’s a  ‘we’re not goinng anywhere day so she might as well wear her princess dress-pj combination day.

~ It a rainy, chilly ,snuggle in the covers and nap while Emma naps day. (also cause I’m not feeling well)

~ it’s a mix coffee with ice cream, drink it WAY TOO FAST and then get a coffee buzz day.

None( one of my favorite mugs. plain. white. classy. simple.)

~ it’s a miss my brother and sister day.


~ if anyone else is interested in joining our Jane Austen book club you have probably one week to let me know. I would love to have you join!

~ It would be a massage day if we had tons of money laying around.

~ it’s a laundry day. boo.

~today is a book reading/kindle day.

~it’s a scarf wearing day. (I should do a post on my collection. I have a scarf obsession.) And yes, I meant wearing them inside, not just with a coat.

~today is a make your own banana splits’ after lunch day.

~ it’s another day to learn and teach Emma Polish words.

~it’s a wear a chunky warm sweater day.

~today is a perfect family day…


What did you do this Saturday?

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