Meet the Wardens

We went to a wedding/celebration a couple days ago and was asked to help with the pictures. I was really amazed and was like, ‘um did they call the right people?!’ I then learned another friend was taking pictures which really eased the pressure.

No, I don’t struggle with low self esteem. Why are you asking?

Here are a few teases for Chris and Amelia. (you will get more pictures than you will know what to do with) And these pictures are for you too reader. I appreciate you. Why you want to spend part of your life reading about my life is beyond me….but here’s a few pretty pictures to make it kinda worth it.


They’re pretty pretty wedding cake. One layer was RED VELVET. I literally saw people’s eyes bug out. The other was a white cake with some sort of berry filling. I should have gotten the details but I was busy photographing. I love the detailing.

(*one little Alexis tid bit: details are where it’s at. No matter if you’re dressing a plate for dinner of finishing off the last sugar ball on a cake. They will make the people amazed and hungry. And that my food friend is what we’re after.)

They got married in Hawaii. In December. Can you imagine the warm air coming off the ocean? Drinking by a pool? -in DECEMBER?!!!


They had lots of balloons, which made me feel whimsical and sparked the little girl in me. I took way too many pictures of those silly balloons. And as I was editing I was totally digging this retro look.

This makes me want to throw a party for all of my friends.


Most brides are pretty on their wedding day. She is amazingly beautiful when she goes camping. And she is so nice that you feel guilty for feeling jealous. Really. SO nice and caring. So imagine how stunning she was at her wedding. You’re a lucky man Chris, but you already know that. 🙂


All together now: aaaaaaawwwwwwwww


I really like how Trav thought differently and took a different angle. Isn’t Chris sweet by having his arm on her? He is so smitten with her. Watching them makes the world seem a little bit brighter. If there can be that much love in the world.


I feel like I stole this really intimate and secret moment. And honestly feel kinda bad. Just a little. Like I intruded on a private moment…who would have known that there were friends and family all snapping and clicking next to me. They were great. Didn’t mind being the center of attention.

Lastly, is a picture of the cookies she makes. She is famous for her cookies and I’m seriously just waiting to hear she’s started selling them. They would sell. Oh would they sell.

She made so many cookies for this night, the present for the guests, that she had to cram the rest in a friends fridge.


Baaaa! I can’t help myself. If there is a funny kinda almost embarrassing picture I have this almost compulsion to post it. I should start a self help group.


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  1. Great pictures Alexis! You are so great at that;-)

  2. Wow- these are beautiful!

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