list to myself of things to do in the winter.

If you’ve known me for any length of time you know I love the rain. I love all things cold and cloudy. Why? Because it creates cuddle time, book reading, mass amounts of soup and lots of tea/hot cocoa. This winter has been a little different though…

I find myself really looking forward to sunnier, warmer weather. When I look outside I can almost see what a ‘nice’ day looks like here. And the possibilities of things to do. Walking on a nearby trail, taking the max downtown to get gellato, street car eating!, picnics and random weekend beach trips.

Yes there are tons of things to do in the winter and maybe I should remind myself of that…but man oh man I wouldn’t mind trading my gloves and thick jacket for a light scarf and blazer.

With that said…it reminds me of what my dad told me during Christmas time. He was talking to me about being content. I had asked him some questions and as he was talking to me I discovered how discontent I am. lol Kinda funny with the previous statements huh. Oh well, I’ll leave them.

So being content in the place I am now. With the season it is. I will do my best to relish and savor the days I have, no matter how many layers I have to put on before venturing outside.

I’m making myself a list  of 10 things to have fun and enjoy this season we call winter. Cold. VERY windy. Freezing rain.

1. look into experimenting with cocoa and tea. Be adventurous and try new quirky sounding items!

2. relish. covet. love.savor my cuddle time with Emma under a blanket. This time is special. Don’t take it for granted.

3. um, splash in those puddles Alexis! Show Emma how much fun a grown up can have! (but watch the temps-duh)

4. take creative different photos of this season, because it will soon be gone.

5. just because it’s crappy doesn’t mean my attitude has to mimic that. Get your booty outside! Starbucks, Borders, play dates or whatever!

6. make presents for people just because. ALWAYS makes me feel better.

7. keep doing yoga- your muscles thank you.

8. wrap a scarf around your neck, and wear leggings under your pants if you have to- but go downtown and meet Trav for lunch. it will be most fun for emma.

9. burn the candles baby! burn the candles…

10. wear a skirt/dress at least 4 times a month. I always feel better when I look nice, wear leggings, tights, boots or whatever…just do it!

and I just hought of two more:

11. buy/borrow books and enjoy a story. Ask a friend or two to read the same book and meet up once a month to talk and eat.

12. see a movie at a cheap theater. Alone? No! Friends=memories


* I have a hard time exercising (understatement) and do not attend a gym. But if I did I would take FULL advantage of classes. And I would drag a friend to come with me so we could laugh at each other.

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