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We went over to a friends house, Gail, and she made these amazing EASY biscuits. She laughed when I asked if they were homemade and asked for the recipe. She was so nice to share it. And while I was making my own first batch (first of many many! Um, can you say new comfort food?!) it occurred to me that many of you might already know how to make these. But those of you who were like me- make these. Right now.

* please excuse the lighting. I’m still trying to find out how to take nice pictures at night with our lights on.

None This is it. Not too many ingredients. Trav had many and I snatched the last two. Bake, take out and smear with butter. Which will melt all over get in all the crevices and get your hands buttery. Just sprinkle with the garlic salt (I was generous in the sprinkling, hint, hint) and your done! I’m laughing at how simple this is and why I haven’t thought of this!

Noneagain, sorry about the picture.Not one of my  best, but I was warding off a hungry 2 yr old and husband. 🙂 The biscuits didn’t last 5 min. They were the first to go. Thanks Gail. 🙂

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  1. You are very welcome, Alexis. I am glad you enjoyed them. Hmmm…I have all the ingredients available, maybe I’ll make some tonight.

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