Emma’a new haircut

It seems that with Emma’s new haircut she also has a new strongwill. The complient ‘whatever you say mama’ has fled out the window and now I have what feels like a preschooler.

Example: Trav and I were driving back to Portland from the holidays and as I was helping her from the front seat she said, ‘No mama. Don’t look at me’ and swished her head to the window. I laughed as Trav and I gave each other looks. I’m fine to give her her space and respect that but I’ve also found that time outs and making her go to bed early does nothing. She relishes in her alone time. Crap. Time to find something else so I can have some kind of leverage.


Another fun story: She wanted to watch ANOTHER movie and I had the nerve to tell her no. Her response: *crossed her arms. ‘But MOM! I NEEEEED TO!!!’ Chuckle, sorry kiddo. There is more to life than the television.


One thing that I really make an effort on though is never telling others about her choices to not listen to me in front of her. I want her to think and know that I am her biggest fan! I don’t want her to hear me tell others how she didn’t listen to me. My job is to have her hear me brag about her to others about how awesome she is and her quirky straight forward independent personality. After all, I did pray for those characteristics, I won’t whine about my prayers being answered.


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