Death Grip on Pink Monkey

Not much time to write, but I had to inform you about a little exchange Emma had with a stranger. We were at Barnes and Noble (our new library on rainy days) and it was time for us to leave. If you have a 2 yr old you know leaving stores are not easy. Emma had grabbed a hold of a freeky looking bright pink monkey. She had a death grip on it and was adiment she had to have it.

I was again the bad guy and even though I gave her choices and options she freaked out. It was great. Not really, no. A while ago I became OK with Emma throwing fits in public. Maybe it was because I had some good interactions with strangers but that’s for another blog post. So I’m half carrying her cause she’s trying to wiggle out of my death grip on her. We’re walking throughthe cafe part to go outside and OVER emma’s yelling a woman near us yells, “Oh, baby are you having a hard time?!”  She meant well, but something in me got totally annoyed immediatly.

I paused for Emma’s reaction. People were watching the interaction and Emma in her beautiful ‘two-year-ism’ glared at the lady and covered her eyes while whipping away from her and snuggling with me.

I felt triumphant. I did nothing but walk out and hide my smile from the lady.


Emma just ran to me and said, “i love you mommy! Let me see you”   What a great day.

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