Sherlock Holmes

I’ve never really been into TV shows. Trav was into LOST and now The Event and Fringe. Both of which don’t really interest me. I prefer mysteries where you find out what happened. Too many questions came up unanswered on LOST and just soliditfied why I watch what I watch.

Such as Masterpiece Mysteries. ESPECIALLY SHERLOCK HOLMES! Such an amazing show that is funny, witty and at the end you see your own deduction attempts as a great failure and only on TV can it work. I’ve tried seeing what people do fo a living based of their fingernails and I don’t get anywhere. Who knows, maybe I’m not destined for a life of crime fighting. But I love watching Sherlock do it. He’s so weird, quirky and¬†exactly¬†like the books.

Check them out on PBS, you can watch all 3 movies for free until Dec. 27th!

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