Woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Hard dreams. Nuff said. I did my fighting and things that would change my attitude and decided I needed to so something tangible. Like being creative. Need those endorphins.

None Emma and I made Milk Chocolate bark. Took like 5 min. This should be good in the bag we’re giving to our neighbor Wednesday. Just need to make peanutbutter balls. Yum. I might make 20 and give 7 away. I’m generous.


My peace sign. Love the sparkle. So glad we didn’t get rid of it when we sold everyting. I know it looks Christmas-y but I might keep it up all year. Such a good reminder.

None Every year Emma makes an ornament. This is her Mr. Shiny Button Penguin. Cute huh. 🙂

Some fun sticky plastic things. Emma loves them, the yellow boots and red presents. Thank you dollar store.

None I had laundry to do. I’m writing this at night and now have it all put away and feel a great sense of accomplishment. I heard from someone on facebook a while ago and I loved her perspective. She said that instead of being weighed down by the washing/putting away of clothes she chooses to be thankful for having clothes to fold. Such a fantastic choice.


OK, I got a present from a friend and I just about jumped out of my skin in excitement. I have been telling friends that I’ve wanted a snuggie. Yes I said snuggie. Hey, don’t judge! 🙂 I was so so so happy to have gotten this from her! Thank you Jenny! You are so thoughtful! Plus you’re the only person who took me serious. lol I’m always cold and I can 🙂 now use it any time I want. And even better- I’m thinking of bringing it with me on our big flights to Europe. That is if Trav will still sit by me with it.


Thanks for visiting! I'm a happy mom and wife who loves the smell of books, traveling and food. I like dreaming about alter egos, snuggling with Emma and going on dates with hubby,Travis. Pretty much anything creative I'm into. I hope you enjoy my rants and raves and come back soon. Oh, and I love comments so please feel free to let me know what you think!
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  1. Great pictures! Love the peppermint bark, and Emma’s ornament;-)

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