Beinig His reflection

I was at church tonight and was thinking about different ways of speaking. I was listening to our pastor and was remembering many others who I’ve heard. (I can multi-task. Well, ok not really) But I was listening and realized that years ago I listened to a guy who I thought was the most talented speaker alive. I now know that it was aligning with my maturity then. If I were to tell you about him I would use words like, ‘super funny’ or ‘personable’. But I now realize that what I want out of a pastor is heart.

I want to see that they love me. And sometimes more than I love myself. That way they can help me see myself how Gods sees me. You know- be the reflection. I was struck tonight with how much heart and passion our pastor, Jason Albelo, has for all of us at his church. Even though I joke with him about his corney jokes- you can’t help but see that he cares. That he wants what God wants for us.

Thanks Jason for being His reflection.

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