hijacked! this is emma!

this is emma coming live from my house. i took momm’s computer and am disignatinig myself as the official guest writer for today’s blog post. this is of a snowman i love. it has a button you push that talks about going potty. i laughed a lot when it sang. (does this mean i like potty humor?)


they also had a real live baby doll! it was so pretty. i liked her clothes. and poking her eyes. i put my baby with their baby so they could snuggle with eachother in bed. like i do in the mornings with mommy.


they also has a white dog that was fun to look at. i didn’t get close though cause i’m a little scared. i loved the dog though- it was so nice and gentle. i show him how i snuggle my baby carebear.


i also had fun playing in the snow with daddy. well kinda. we had snow and i stood there just being cold. i mean seriously?! they put me in a skirt! Who cares if I threw a fit becacuse I wanted to wear THAT skirt.


 They couldn’t expect me to tromp around in the snow could they?! yes. they did. they told me to go play around but i just stood in the garage-silently revolting.


…until daddy picked me up for the photo op.


  daddy and me- freezing our tushes off. (me refusing to smile-silently revolting)

all in all, i play around a lot on thanksgiving! but at the end of the day i like to snuggle with mommy. i forgive her for ripping my hair out to make them into ponytails to look cute at family events. i forgive her for making me stand in the snow. i still love her. although, she was really lazy that day. she didn’t make any meals or do any cleaning or make any phone calls. in fact she wasn’t on the internet for days.


but somehow she was always tired at the end of the day. i usually take advantage of that and climb on her and tell her to scratch me. i love it when she does that. it’s a stalling technique. mommy gives in every time. (oh the power!)


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