finally! the second part of the polish restaurant

OK, I finally have the pictures from the Polish restaurant. All of them. Yes. So be prared. Tons of photos coming up. Of great food and great people.


This was the combination plate. Crazy big. Like, it’s a thanksgiving meal on steroids big. Yummy? Oh you bet. All out stomachs hurt when we left from eating too much. The Poles know how to cook!

I guess I should show you who we went with. WONDERFUL people we now call our friends. Denise and Kirt. They are called to Mexico. They have an amazing heart and I can’t wait to continue our relationship with them to see how God moves though them for the Mexicans!

He does NOT like cabbage. hahaha And we took him to a very cabbage friendly place. He was such a good sport and ordered the combination plate to get an idea of what the Poles eat. Love his adventurous spirit!

DSC_1123.JPGDo you see what Trav is eating?! It’s almost as big as his head! hahaha None of us finished our plates. Well, I did- burp. They had great pirogi’s!!! And were the size of a baseball!


They also gave us dessert. Everyone had different butterfly plates. LOVED the plates. Or I guess if I were fancy/proper they would be called dishes.


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