Dear Neighbors

Dear Neighbors,

What a welcome you gave me last night. I almost forgot what it was like to hear you guys talking through the walls at night. It brought a smile to my face as I tried to cover my ears with my blankets but could still hear you. Thank you for only talking. Thank you for not arguing like you did on our second night living here. (Trav and I prayed tons for you that night)

You are a part of our nightly routine and it doesn’t bother me. Even though I’m writing a half way sarcastic letter to you on the internet. I still run to the door to try to see yout hrought he peek hole if I her you locking your door but you’ve been able to maintain your identity a secret. Well, my loud talking/fighting/and other things negihbors, I am going to be surprising you this next week. Emma and I are going to be making Christmas cookies and she will decorate in her perfect way and you will not be able to resist. You will take them, eat them and then maybe, just maybe we will strike up another conversation in the elevator or hallway.

Then I will be able to stalk you and ask you if I can have sugar when I’m out and need to go shopping. I will get to live my dream of asking my neighbors favors like they did in the 50’s TV shows. Because TV can become real. I’m still looking for a wardrobe I can escape into.

Your neighbors

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