Grandpa and Grandma GiGi

When we visit my family Emm goes straight for the animals. My mom is watching our two cats and my dad and Lois have a dog named Dakota. EMMA LOVES THEM! But what Emma loves just as much a Dakota is his kennel. She LOVES climbing in and pretending to lay down and nap. Yes it’s disgusting. There is hair and I bet dried slobber in there. Gross. But she’s two and we clean her up when she’s finished playing in there.


My dad though loves the fact that Emma climbs in the kennel and plays with her around it. He won’t go in himself but he’ll encourage her to climb on in. Thanks Dad. Thanks for trying to feed her Dakota’s treats. She was mad at me cause I said no.


My dad teaches her important things. Like how to make as much of a mess as possible. I have a theory he has her do things just to make him laugh. Also, I think he’s trying to be the grandpa he had when he was a kid- his Pa. That makes me nervous. ๐Ÿ˜‰ ย That’s OK…he’s a grandpa. And Emma loves him tons. Lois is there to fulfill the other half. She’s always there to read her personalized stories, fill her up with Chocolate milk and Apple juice and go visit the park.

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You both are wonderful and I am so glad you are close enough to be apart of our lives. Emma loves you guys so much and looks forward to seeing you. Well, you and your piano. hehe Thank you for teaching her things we are not able to teach her in loft living. Such as: dogs go poop in the grass in backyards. ๐Ÿ™‚ She still reminds me of the time she saw Dakota using the restroom outside.


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