Baby leash backpacks

This picture is an ‘I’m sorry for not posting any pictures in the last couple posts’ picture. I know that many of you have wained and wondered whether or not to follow this blog at all if there’ll be no pictures.

But rest asured. I’m performace driven so you will get what you want! Pictures! hehehe

Don’t you just love baby backpacks that act as leashes. Emma loves it and I’m so glad for that. She’s gotten into the ‘I’ll run away from you if you call my name’ stage. It is horrible in places like malls, the zoo or Safeway. Yes. She’s done it at all of those places. Fun. Not.


I think one thing that has passed down from me to her is the love of mirrors. I’ve snuck up on her singing and kissing the mirror. Hey, I don’t kiss the mirror. I’m grown up and mature now. Now I just swirl. 🙂


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