Counseling Training Seminar

This week I am attending a Counseling Training Seminar. Good Samaritan Ministries is giving this seminar and it’s amazing! I am being given so many  tools and great practicle information. I’m pretty much one of the youngest ones there with  the teacher saying the average age of a participant of this seminar is 40+. How sad, come on younger people we need to step up and learn what we can! There are so many people, ourselves first, who need healing. Anyhoo, it is from 9am-8pm. Long days. Totally worth it, but I’m exhausted in every way when I get home. Not much energy to get on the computer that’s for sure. Last night I had enough energy to empty the dishwasher and make Trav’s lunch. Then I went to bed. lol

I love how interactive it is and in fact tonight we were to observe a communication/boundaries class and I was asked to play the role of a drug addict. I was to push and pressure a woman verbally who was learning how to communicate and give boundaries that were clear and stern. I was scared out of my wits and in front of strangers no less, but once I started it- I loved it. My knees were literally shaking but thank goodness I was wearing jeans. lol I loved seeing the woman learn how to talk and just push through and say what she was afraid to say. Learning to let your yes be yes and no be no. I learned that so many of us are on the same path learning the same lessons and it’s so easy to feel like we’re the only ones with ‘this’ problem. It was encouraging to so many people there tonight, including myself. It was freeing just seeing it, let alone being the woman who’s having to walk it out.

Here’s a tool for you. Here’s the website. It’ll give you insight into what kind of learner you are. Similar to the five love languages. Really interesting and have fun! enjoy!!!

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