gearing up for house sale…kinda

Our house looks undone and awkward. Walls are bare and piles of bins and empty picture frames are stacked on our dinning room table. We have technically 2 weeks till the estate auction and the immensity of it all is unbelievable. Emma decided to not take a nap today too- sweet. Not. I was looking forward to tackling our basement/office while she napped and now, as she’s ‘resting’ I know that my day and schedule is going to look way different. Great, wonderful.

I was looking through old journals of mine and a quote stuck out to me that really helped me today.

“The Lord is my therapist I shall not freak out”

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  1. Oh my goodness…I love that quote!!! I think I need to embroider it on something. LOL!!!

  2. I have to agree…I love that quote!! I might need to post that one on my fridge=)

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