Cold? You don’t know the meaning of cold

Well, maybe you do, but I’m still getting used to it. I’m from such a mild temp place.

We actually found an unsecured wifi network! This will, of course be an overwhelming amount of pictures. Enjoy them! Right now it’s about 25’F, really warm compared to the -3 F temps we experienced last night coming back from a different city. At least it’s sunny today, I could almost imagine what it would be like here in the Spring. (the one season I’ve yet to see here)

Obviously we will have no idea if this will be available when we move here, BUT….it’s within our budget, love the location and it’s even on a quiet street! *sigh, can’t you just imagine how pretty it would be in the summer?!

This is in a huge mall right near where we’re staying. It’s called the Galleria and has fountains- which Emma MUST visit each time we go there. She enters and yells, ‘Wawa?’ And then we make our journey to the bottom floor where they are. Life’s little pleasures we grown ups ignore, I love her perspective.

The fountains and our friend Kuba and Emma laughing. We enjoyed his company when he came over and we had tea, cookies and chocolate.

I had those glow sticks from the Dollar tree and we had some friends stay the night with us in Krakow and it was so much fun for Emma and Esterka. They loved them. Thank you Dollar tree.

And Amy: Yes. We hang dry our clothes here

At a couple’s house who we got to know over the weekend.  We went to Wrocław, and got to see a couple who pastors a church here. We were able to also stay with amazing hosts. Story time: while we were having breakfast I noticed they had salt and cinnamon…interesting. I asked and she said it was for coffee. What a good idea! Who needs pepper anyways right?!

Trav went to a conference in Wrocław about Love. They talked about the five love languages but also had moving testimonies. Our friends talked and gave their testimonies. I was unable to go, but Trav was moved by it. The conference was from 9am-8:30pm

Gotta run, we’re going to the jewish section of the city. Where Schindlers Lost was made. More pictures to come

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  1. WOW I love all of these pictures. They look very beautiful. I am sure living there will be so wonderful. Especially once you get used to the cold. I think I would rather live in a cold place than a hot place. (less bugs and much easier to warm up then cool down I think). And I love the idea of Sugar and Cinnamon in the shakers. If only I drank coffee then I would totally do that. But I don’t. Oh well. Anyways Thanks for all the posts! You always do an amazing job with them=)

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