Last pictures of our trip to Seattle. We had a great time this day as we were going to a wedding.

it’s such a pretty city
We took the Bremerton ferry to Bainbridge. Awesome island-totally awesome.

I like water vehicles.

Trav, me and Emma. Emma didn’t appreciate the sun in her face. Neither did I.

We had to wait about 1 1/2 hours in line. Yes it sucked. But they had McDonald’s soft serve and birds for Emma to chase. Trav was so wonderful and took Emma everywhere to walk. But it had to eventually end because she didn’t want to hold onto daddy’s hand- ‘sorry chica, that’s not an option’.

Isn’t she adorable?!! Oma got this dress for her- thanks mom.

More of Seattle’s buildings

This was a horrible picture until I got to mess with it on Photoshop. I love that program…*sigh. The fountain is really romantic huh.

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