Ferry’s and McDonald’s

This first picture is of Emma on the ferry to Seattle- or rather Edmonds to meet my mom. It was so much fun to see her love the water and get all excited because we were surrounded by it. I am officially tired of driving and will take any one’s offer to drive, but it is nice to be around family and Trav is working remotely and I think so far it is going well.
Emma is asleep right now, nap time, and after that we are going out on an adventure to a children’s museum. Cool, and I’m sure cutsie pictures will be taken then.
Also pictured below are picts of Emma at her first Mc Donald’s. She enjoyed watching the kids play in the play structure and wanted to to follow them inside- not yet sweetie.

Emma looking out into the world
Yummie french fries

Her chicken nuggets, she shared with me. Sweet little girl.

Wanting to eat so she can go play 🙂

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