Pizza and Make-up

I have to apologize that I have not been posting the pictures of my meals like I said I would. Some friend had us over for a BBQ on Friday and I made this pizza last night. The dough is my mothers and I love eating it. It is made so fast that it’s a simple homemade dinner for my busy weekday nights.
The pizza was BBQ chicken with red onions.
It was nice, filling and lasts us 2 meals. 🙂

On a different subject, if you know me even a tad bit, you know that I pretty much idolize the Dollar Store. I bring it up in too many conversations to be sure. Among their good deals is make-up. Not the things that you really want to spend good money on (mascara, anti-wrinkle face moisturizer)But they have tons of fun things for eyes and lips. Their eye shadow selection is huge and I think their lip stick/gloss is even larger. It’s always a fun thing to go there and look through what they have. Because it’s not ALL off brand things. Some of my favorites are Maybeline and Loreal. Here is a picture of all the fun make-up I bought at the Dollar Tree recently. My favorite lip glosses are in my purse and are not shown here. Happy Sunday!

My dollar store collection. Fun eye colors mostly

This is my favorite eye shadow at the moment, I bought 4.
Light pink, 2 beige and lastly darker brown.

My make-up collection

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