New camera

We got our camera! I am so excited! I took advantage of my crazy adorable daughter and took millions of her. Well actually, it might have been around 130. But anyhoo, here are some that I thought were cute. (Please excuse her messy hair, she just had a bath) You’ll be getting pictures now with every post- thank you Jesus!
These pictures are on the front steps to our town home. And yes, she is wearing cloth diapers. Trav and I decided to do that before she was born and it’s worked out great for us. Isn’t the diaper cover match her shirt perfectly?! Oh, and I’m making cranberry banana bread in the oven right now- I’m feeling good!

Can’t you imagine her on the front of a CD cover?!

We have lillies outside our front door and I thought ‘Oooo, picture perfect!’

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  1. Hey! I'm now following your blog! 🙂 Your daughter is absolutely adorable!

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