Meal planning

Alright food lovers. It is time for me to do another week of meal planning. Our cupboards are at the point where I have to be creative and actually think and plan to squeeze every last meal out of the fridge/pantry. Ever been there? Yeah, I thought so. OK, here is our next week in meals and I hope you can adopt some or at least an idea or two.

Monday: Italian baked Chicken, mashed potatoes, salad

Tuesday: Meatloaf, salad and chocolate pudding

Wednesday: Hamburgers, trail mix, fruit salad, sweet tea

Thursday: Chicken, roasted red peppers, roasted potatoes,onion bake

Friday: Wedding rehearsal- free dinner! Yahoo!

Saturday: left over night- yay for me 🙂

Sunday: Wedding and dinner there

Every woman deserves a laft over night, it’s just a stapple in our family. Some of these might sound weird but I’ll take pictures. How you night ask? BECAUSE OUR CAMERA JUST ARRIVED!!!!! I am super duper excited, even though it is MUCH smaller than I imagined. I’m going to experiment with it now. So maybe I’ll even have a couple photos to post before the day is out. 🙂

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