Cupcakes and High heals

I am so excited! Because Emma is at the age where I get to push colors, and many other friends have kids her age, I thought it would be fun to have a color party. Basically, anything, with the chosen color, is the theme. This coming Wednesday’s theme is YELLOW! So our little munchkins are coming dressed in yellow and bringing a yellow toy to share. We’re having yellow-ish food (banana’s, goldfish, lemon cupcakes) and will also have an activity. I’m not sure how the kids will do with the craft, because they’re so young, but I think it will be fun for the mommies to join in and make something with them.

I’m making the cupcake frosting from whip cream and yellow food coloring. It should be a nice smaller group, around 4-5 mommies/kids so my house will still feel full. (it’s not THAT big)
~On another note, I’m sitting in bed while hubby is out with some friends seeing a movie- the ending to a bachelor party. I haven’t seen him at all and the movie started @ 10:30pm. I’m going to be out when he gets home. So I took TONS of time pampering myself (which I never ever do)getting ready for bed. Tomorrow is swimming lessons in the morning and then off to the wedding site of some friends where I will get the ‘lo’ down’ as I’m acting as coordinator.

~On even another note, I went to Goodwill and made out-BIG time. I got a pair of low heal Marc Fisher shoes! Oh I can hardly keep in my excitement…I now need to find outfits to wear them with. 🙂 If you are by me in Gresham, they just got a large shipment of Target items- now is the time to buy!

Aren’t these gorgeous?!!!!! These are shoes that I would love to buy and probably never will. My hubby and I are the same height- exactly. Yeah, it sucks. I’m having to be creative in my shoe buying…challenging for me. But these would be some that I would love to buy….*sigh….they’re so beautiful.

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  1. Since your blogs name is what it is, once you have your camera your first, or second, mission should be have Travis take a picture of you with Cloe and your umbrella.

    (Becky can totally make a vintage pic out of it since I think that it is your style)…

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