Sexy baby?! I THINK NOT!

Today is Tuesday. And I have created a sort of tradition that we do fun things on Tuesdays. Long story as to why…but lets just say that celebrating the mundane/boring/’normal’ is a special thing I want to pass down to my children. So Emma and I went to Baskin Robins to share a scoop pf Cherries Jubulie. I was really looking forward to it since the weather has been heating up.

We walk in and there are a lot of people inside- random I thought since it was around 2pm on a Tuesday, but whatever. (OK, pause. You must also know that I dress Emma as cute as I can every day. I don’t believe she has worn sweatpants or a sweatshirt in public at all. It’s not that I’m a prissy parent or anything. If you were to knock on my door any day of the week in the mornings, you would find Emma and I both in mismatched outfits (according to comfortably) and I usually don’t take my shower till around 11am which is when Emma naps. I just like to show the world what a beautiful baby God gave me. )
All of that to say- as we walked into Baskin Robins, Emma was looking cute. She actually keeps her sunglasses on (which are pink, sparkly and has pink lenses) and also is in love with bracelets. (she also had four on and was jingling them) So I’m the proud parent of how adorable she is and as I’m walking to the ordering place Emma is smiling and waving at everyone (I have a beauty queen on my hands).
This is when it got crazy. The….nice meaning employee (who was roughly around 50 yrs. old and female) yells at Emma and says in a LOUD voice, “Oh! Aren’t you sexy! Sexy baby! You’re just the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen! Hahahaha”
Emma looked at her like she was crazy (thank you Emma) and I just stared at her thinking, ‘what the crap lady! What mom in their right mind would dress their BABY sexy?!!! Yeah- NOBODY. I could not believe it. I should have said something but of course I just smiled and told her my order. I wanted nothing to do with her.
Now at this point I can hear my hubby say that she meant well and blah,blah,blah. All that is totally true and I know she wasn’t wanting me to look at her like she was from another world. But seriously-common lady.
As we left she came over and gave us a wet towel (which was nice) to clean up Emma. She again talked about how sexy Emma was and I wanted to throw up- and in her direction. It wasn’t like Emma was wearing short shorts, or even a dress. Just a polka dot onsie with frills- that’s it. Common people, please don’t call my little BABY sexy!

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