This post is just because I was randomly looking at pictures of when Emma was first born. She was so little (5.5lbs!) and mellow. (hehe, didn’t take her long to grow into her HUGE vocal cords)
She’s napping right now and I’m feeling nostalgic- reminiscing of the days when I was happy to wake up in the middle of the night to hear her little grunts as she ate and snuggle up to her to smell her new baby smell. (even though she wasn’t a snuggle baby…much to my displeasure. But at least she’s grown into it) Now I order food for her off the children’s menu at restaurants! Not OK! At least I have these memories and I can feel happy that I was able to be here to experience them with her. I was there when she said her first word (cat or rather- dat), when she learned to drink out of a sippy cup and the week when she learned to crawl and walk in the same week!
Even though the memories are tinted with sadness because they’re over, I will always consider myself lucky to be a mommy who is able to stay at home and be knee deep in her learning and experiencing. Who cares if she likes to crawl to the cat food and sneak a few kibbles or if she likes to throw her sippy cup just to see me pick it up or ram at the cats with her walker and squeals when they run away from her- it’s all weaved in memories of gold.
She was so little! Even in Preemie clothes…it was her first summer and she was NOT happy that she was in a park. (and me still in prego pants-eek!)
Always ready for the camera-that’s my girl! I think she was around 4 months here
…maybe? She was always great about letting me put things in her hair.
Even today I can put it in a ponytail and she doesn’t take it out.

A friend took this for her one year. Thank you Anthony and Jenny for letting us take over your living room for a couple hours- they turned out perfect! (she still LOVES books-Yes!)

“Mom, will you get that camera out of my face!” -I love her attitude! Well right now at least. I took probably a million of her here because she had her first spaghetti mess and it ended up with me just putting her in the tub. She’s all clean here, but oh that face-priceless.

To now this! A little toddler with bangs…*sniff *sniff
She is ready to tackle the world with her flirtatious personality-she can wrap ANYONE around her shrimpy little finger. I love her so much and am praying that I will be a mommy who will not only be there to smother love on her (that’s the easy part) but that I’ll be a mommy who will show her God gave her wings to fly. And that will mean someday moving away from me… I mean us. And I want to be there to support her and encourage her to be the independent and encouraging person I know she is. I know she will make a mark on the world, my little flirtatious lightening bolt.

Thanks for visiting! I'm a happy mom and wife who loves the smell of books, traveling and food. I like dreaming about alter egos, snuggling with Emma and going on dates with hubby,Travis. Pretty much anything creative I'm into. I hope you enjoy my rants and raves and come back soon. Oh, and I love comments so please feel free to let me know what you think!
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  1. I love that. "That you can be the mommy who shows her that God gave her wings to fly!" Perfect. I too was looking through baby pictures of both my kids this week. That time is too precious and horribly short lived. Thanks for your comment on my blog today. Sometimes it's nice to know you're not alone in regards to your past 😉

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