Homemade Hummus

I did my first experiment recipe I saw on my computer. (watched an episode online-I love technology) It’s homemade hummus. And it turned out good…Emma even liked dipping it! (although I think she would dip into mud just because she likes dipping) We ate it with whole wheat pita bread, Greece stuffed olives (yummy!) and lettuce. The pictures explain for themselves…although you need to know that once I pulsed everything together so it was chopped, I set it to puree and I then slowly added EVOO until desired consistency. In general hummus is not nice looking anyways, so the picture will look kinda gross, but store bought hummus looks just as nasty. But mine is yummy, healthier and was fun to make.


1 can of garbanzo beans
pinch of salt/pepper
Zest of 1 lemon/juice from half
2 stalks of green beans
Extra virgin olive oil

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  1. looks delicious. you inspire me to try new recipes!

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