Don’t worry, I’ll post pictures when I make these…

I am so excited about a silly thing- cooking new recipes. I guess it’s not totally silly, but I have gotten into making the same things and let me just say that the Food Network is AM-AZING! I’m really getting into Everyday Italian. I am going to make this dish and since Travis has to have meat at every meal or he will die- I think I’ll add some kielbasa or the obvious meat filler-chicken. (oohh, but wouldn’t eggplant be good too!)
I am also really excited to make a cold chicken and black bean salad in lettuce cups. It’ll be a little weird for the hubby to eat it but I don’t care and I like making things pretty. I’m going to experiment with the filings…but it should be quick easy and extra bonus: an easy lunch I can pack him. 🙂 Oh yeah. Have a great Friday.

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