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Today is a cooking day. I woke up feeling creative and thought- I will make some new and exciting dishes. So around mid day I looked in my fridge/pantry and made a couple concoctions. The first is just because I have a lot of lentils in the house and they STRETCH like none other.

My first meal is Chicken Asparagus Lentils. I didn’t know what to call it- because it has many bright flavors. It’s made lentils (duh), Asparagus, Roasted Red Peppers (had to open the jar w/ a hammer-that’s a first!), Onions, Chicken and Celery. Nothing too hard and REALLY, REALLY simple. The only thing is to cook the lentils in chicken broth instead of plain old water. The flavor is SO much better.

The second meal is made of practically the same ingredients but I substituted the filler. Instead of the lentils, I did brown rice (whatever rice you want- Travis is used to eating healthier than me and so I’m trying to catch up…). The meal is Thia Peanut Stir fry w/ brown rice. Like I said, it’s the same ingredients Chicken, celery and Onions. I just made the sauce from this recipe here.

One thing I would change is adding almonds on top for a crunch- I don’t have any in my kitchen. 🙁 Eating it now, it’s really a mild dish. Even my Emma likes eating it! You could make it hotter though if you put in more red pepper flakes.
Enjoy your Thursday!

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