Crazy world

I have been trying to figure out why I haven’t been blogging recently and I think it has boiled down to me feeling overwhelmed. I’m not sure why I’m surprised it all came down to a feeling…not too surprising if you know me. 🙂

When you ask most people how they are doing, they’ll usually say, ‘Good, keeping busy’. This is suppose to appease the person asking making them sound important for ‘keeping busy’. I wonder where being ‘busy’ meant a good thing. Maybe it’s the feeling of productivness and achieving a goal that we Americans idolize. Who knows, I personally have a hypothesis that people who LOVE being super busy also don’t enjoy the silence in a car. They have to have the radio on or talking on the phone. Who knows, just a hypothesis. 🙂

However, I Alexis, am a woman who has no problem with idleness. This is a problem and is of course a downfall and I’m working on it. (husbands are great in this area-happily showing us where we could…improve on. 🙂 ) But our schedule right now is so crazy and ‘busy’ that I’m feeling fuzzy headed. Out of the past two weeks we got 2 nights free to relax (just the three of us), but we did things we had to do; like figuring out our budget, doing laundry and other horrible responsibilities adults must do.

I think we have a lot of plates spinning all around us. Pretty plates though. Small groups we’re leading (well one and the other we’re helping the leaders), Trav and his work, Missions (big HUGE plate), coordinating a wedding, the Forge (young adults group) hanging/mentoring certain people in our lives, me volunteering at church, friends and family.

The horrible part is that we love it all. The areas where we volunteer/work/help/disciple we have talked over and agreed it’s numero uno. It’s just that we have many uno’s. Lol.

I hope that writing this down will help. I don’t have a solution to anything. And I guess that is the frustrating thing. Because I believe in the things we’re doing I’m not wanting to stop…who knows…maybe a vacation to Hawaii to re-group is just the thing. 😉 Aloha!

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