What not to Wear

Lately, I have been watching the show, ‘What Not to Wear’. It is so funny seeing how ugly some outfits can be…and the brutal criticism is what I would like to say sometimes. (Hey, I’m being honest here)

However, I have been noticing a pattern in my overall mood with MY wardrobe. I have many outfits and more jackets. But every morning I have had the thought, ‘I have NOTHING nice to wear!’. Not true. I have many things to wear. But when comparing (first wrong mistake) their outfits with my own, I see a huge gap. I just so happen to like Goodwill. I can find some Anne Klein pieces as well as some never-been-worn pieces too. I love a good deal/bargain. I believe I’ve written a post or two about it.

Saying all this…I see the unsatisfied thoughts to be quite kinda…well shall I say shallow? If I had a $5,000 dollar (Yes, that’s how much they get on the show- sign me up!) credit card with my name on it I would be able to look equally as nice. I’m figuring out that I need to be satisfied in my own skin and not some tailor made on I buy.

Does this make any sense? It does to me at least, and I think that just me writing this helps. I have clothes that are great.

Tomorrow morning I will look in my closet and not sigh, roll my eyes or heck, I won’t even wish I can more money to buy new things. I will wear what God has given me and be happy that I have what I have.

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