This Past Weekend

Yay, the weekend is over. Weird to write, but it was crazy busy and I’m looking forward to routine. Example of items we didn’t get this week: 3 meals a day, Emma had a 30 min. nap for the entire day (crazy!) and sleeping in till 9am (Yeah right, none of us got that). However we did get to do some fun things. Here are some pictures of our adventures this weekend.
We had friends over for dinner and this was the appetizer.
Artichoke and spinach cream cheese on miniature toasts. ‘Cutsie’

The dinner table.

Aww, us hanging out on Mother’s Day at Starbucks on 23rd Street.

She loved that Chocolate Chip cookie- and I loved spoiling her. So it all worked out. 🙂

Emma waving. She was so tired in this photo but she refused to fall asleep. If there are people around then she HAS to be awake or else she’ll miss something. (or so she thinks)

I know it’s fuzzy, but I kinda like it that way. This wedding was also on Mother’s Day.

Corey and Emma

Daddy and Emma

Brittany, Me and Charis

The end of the night. I think we left around 9:30 pm. She is such a trooper, and Daddy was feeding her string cheese. (her favorite)

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  1. aw…i’m sorry your picture with trav is blurry. bummer. i had a lot of fun hanging out with you guys at the weddings. hope you had a relaxing day after your whirlwind weekend.

  2. wow, sounds busy. Mine wasn’t nearly as busy, but I bet you got more sleep than me! 🙂 Emma is so beautiful, I love the dress she is wearing for the wedding!

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