So today Emma had a doctors appointment to make sure she was still gaining weight. She has lost some and at 13 months weighs 16 lbs. She has always been a small baby and been in the 5th percentile. So anyways, we’re meeting our doctor, who is wonderful, and she orders that some blood work done for Emma. And she continues to tell me that it could be rough and hard for ‘the mommy’. I’m thinking oh great. I hate seeing my little princess get shots and now they have to stick her with a needle and draw blood?!

Oh yeah, and Emma? Well she was fast asleep in my arms. So, in my mind. Her mommy is going to wake up her sleeping darling baby girl to be strapped down to a table, then get stuck with a needle that stays in her AND I have to act like everything is OK. Whatever.

Needless to say, I was nervous. So I quickly texted my small group and family and prayed many times about finding veins and having it go quickly. Of course my mind was in the opposite corner imagining mean witch like people holding down my precious fair skinned baby and them jabbing her with this huge needle. I have a flair for the dramatics- so what.

All in all it went great- or at least as great as it could go. The whole ordeal took maybe 2 min. and even though they wrapped her in a blanket- it was my decision. I didn’t think I would have been able to watch her being ‘hurt’ and still hold her down. But it went quickly, found the veins, took the blood and then it was over. I actually think she, Emma, freaks out more when she gets shots. Huh. Anyways, she got a little bear which she wouldn’t let go of and wasn’t crying after 1 min. It was awesome, I was so proud of her.

Now I have to plan her diet full of fatty foods. Besides the milkshakes, do you have any ideas?

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  1. This happened to another friend of ours–her daughter turned 2 a few months ago, and still only weighs about 20 pounds (she technically wasn’t supposed to turn the carseat the other way yet, either, but she cheated). 🙂 But their daughter is nice and healthy–she’s just kind of small. It’s actually really cute, because she talks SOOO much and she’s so little. 🙂 I’d suggest cheese, but I know Emma likes that already. Our friends were also giving their daughter half-and-half instead of milk.

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