Long day

You know those days when you don’t feel like doing anything else but look at pretty pictures? I’ve had a couple LONG weeks and I have a couple left to go. Now is not the time to relax- but to focus on what is being taught. It is easy for me to turn the ‘off’ switch in my head and coast the rest of the time- but it would be a disservice to the teachers and I would be missing so many valuable details. I am also touched by their hearts. Sometimes the topic may be dry as toast, but their loving hearts make it so interesting. Funny. A lot is being taught to us and so much of it is answering questions that I have about being sent out as missionaries. I can’t believe I just wrote that!!! Whew. Travis and I are in L.A. doing an intensive missions training and it’s roughly from 8am-6pm. Long day, but fortunately Travis’ parents are watching Emma during the days.
Getting back to the pretty things…sometimes after a long day I like to ‘veg’ roaming Etsy. AMAZING site if you haven’t gone there. But warning: you will spend hours looking around so schedule some time for it.
I’m posting some pictures of this past week. It’s of Emma’s birthday. I took her on some errands on her birthday and ‘made’ her wear the crown…my little princess. 🙂 And why post the jewelry?because…it’s pretty.

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