Frogs and Peace

Today is a good day. The sun is shinning, I planted flowers, baby girl is finally asleep and I have my (seriously) fat cat snuggled with me on the couch while I’m roaming the blog world.
It seems like everything is happening in April. EVERYTHING. Plans, parties, trips, meetings, holidays, signing practices and then of course there is the daily duties. Cleaning, dishes blah, blah and more blah. I think I’m ready for a vacation. If I could go anywhere…I would go to Yellowstone Park. Stay in one of their lodges and of course have a handy professional camera, hot tub AND fruit galore. With my Travis and Emma of course. If you could go anywhere and escape from the mundane and meetings, where would you go? Beach and Margarita’s or skiing and Hot Chocolate?
Writing the above reminded me of a couple days ago when I was out in the evening watering my plants and I heard a chorus of frogs. I stopped what I was doing and smiled. I put down the watering can (aka my coffee pour er) and took 30 sec. to listen to them. There is just something serene about nature. It allows you to take a moment out of your life and just breath. This is coming from a city girl too- love the museums, coffee chops, libraries, express ways and stores. But sometimes you gotta just chill and escape the lists and clocks.
I hope the frogs will be out tonight- I’ll listen for them when I go watering .

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  1. I’ll take the beach with margaritas. A beach chair and an umbrella (I don’t want to get sunburnt). A slight breeze, blue sky and cristal clear water. Silky smooth sand under my feet and a good book. PLEASE!

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