Meal Planning

I was looking at a cool blog I like to read, and was reminded of what I was procrastinating- meal planning for the next two weeks. I have done this in the past and have loved it- really cut on the stress when 5 o’clock comes and I freak about what to make.
So, I am biting the bullet- although I have nothing else to do (does laundry count?) and Emma is sleeping, and Travis is out at a meeting. I have to set the record straight too, because as much as I want you to think that I’m ‘helping’ you reader by showing you how planned I am…that’s not true. I am doing this because I know that if I wrote this down on paper, I would lose it among the many pieces in my house.
So, I am going to write down the next 2 weeks worth of meals and then reference it every day. Why? Can’t you remember something so simple- yeah… no! My day is full of many things and if I can make it so I don’t have to remember one thing- I’ll do it. OK, here it goes…*sigh….can I type something else and procrastinate anymore? …*sigh I guess not, OK:

Friday: Taco night with friends
Saturday: Potato bacon soup/ Sandwiches
Sunday: Potluck w/ small group: Chicken Alfredo
Monday: Jambalaya with black bean salad/ tortillas
Tuesday: Chicken Teriyaki with fried rice and fruit salad
Wednesday: Stuffed apple pork chops with stuffing
Thursday: Hot sandwiches with pretzels
Friday: Left over night- yahoo for me!
Saturday: Chicken Carbonara/ Parmesean Cauliflower
Sunday: Lentil soup with shredded chicken
Monday: Taco night
Tuesday: BBQ Kielbasa and corn/salad
Wednesday: Chili in bread bowls & salad
Thursday: Mashed potatoes/steak/green beans
Friday: Left over night- yahoo for me!

There done. It wasn’t that hard- I don’t know why I drag my feet…well maybe. There are so many cool new blogs to read! Obsessive- yes, you can pray for me. Hehe
Can you tell we’re big fans of Chicken? J I’m not sure if we love it or if it’s just the cheapest meat. I like most grocery shoppers want to eat healthy but also not spend tons. Yeah…in closing I would like to share my secret with you. I get organic produce delivered to my home for a reasonable price! Good food at a good price! Check them out: disclaimer- I live in Portland, OR but I’m sure your city has something just as good. J

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