I just want to show people what a gift God has given me. Her name is Emma Eileen Mielonen and means, Universal (or Healing) Light. She is the brightest star in my life right now and every time I go into her room in the mornings, I am amazed that she was given to me. So perfect. Her headstrong personality is showing through and even though it could be an opportunity for me to worry or make jokes about, I am grateful for it. I remember being pregnant and praying that Emma would be a born leader- not a follower. She is an independent young lady and I am enjoying each day I get to spend it with her. All her quirks and mannerism’s are fascinating to me. Who wouldn’t want to know how much she loves cheese or how much she is in love with our cats?! 🙂 Her life is amazing and I get to spend it with her.
My prayer would be that I would be a mom that would jump on the bed with her. That we would jump and sing in the rain. When she has a worry or concern, that she would feel confortable coming to me to pray about. If she were to write on the walls, ‘I love mommy’ I pray I would have the mind to frame it right there on the wall, then tell her crayons are for paper. (sharpies? yikes!)
Thank you God.

She has her own blog. Check it out! Even more pictures and attitude.

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