Today I am feeling reflective. I have not spent time with friends in a while and I’m feeling it. I will never be as people oriented as Travis, no matter how much I wish I were. But after a couple days of seclusion, I miss the smiles and jokes. I wonder how everyone is with their families or the problems that were poking at their lives. I have filled some calendar dates with ‘dates’ and times when I can catch up and listen. And even today Travis, Emma and I are going to dinner with some friends from small group and I am so excited.
It’s not like it’s been forever, but it’s been about a week. And for Travis and I, a week is a long time! I can remember on our honeymoon we were ready for fellowship after 7 days of ‘us’ time. We had to endure 3 more days of seclusion until we were able to see our friends again.
This was brought on by a feeling (duh) but also a picture. I love trees. This might sounds out of place, but I absolutely adore and am crazy about trees. Weird…probably. However, I found this amazing black and white tree calendar and I HAD to buy it. ($6-Borders!) These pictures really expressed the feelings which are sometimes hard to express.

When you are able to sit back and reflect on your life, dreams, etc. do you feel like you are where God would like you to be? For me, sometimes yes and sometimes no. I must admit I spend too much time dreaming and Travis is my rock keeping me in the present and now.

Well, enjoy the tree picture and I will enjoy hanging out with friends tonight!

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  1. I love trees too. Some of my favorites are the lone trees standing all alone in the middle of a field. I think it is so beautiful. Also my favorite subject to doodle.

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