3 in 1? I think not.

So I was just watching a show on PBS that showed the similarities of Christianity, Judaism and Islam. And throughout the show I was struck with how the people were showing that although you might be apart of one religion- it is all based off the same fundamentals. I am so glad my friend Brandon wasn’t here, we would have had to cool him off. Yes, I see some similarities, but their points were silly. For example, both Jews and Muslims kiss on both sides of the face for a welcome. This is lightweight to me because I know some French atheists who also kiss hello.
Overall the show was uncomfortable. I think it is extremely important to know and understand other religions. It just means knowing and understanding mine more too.
One interesting point the show made, and I’ll end with this, is that the Islam faith is one of peace. Huh, the middle east is obviously not representing that view point.

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  1. WTF? Dang right that I would have to be cooled down! Lol. There is no way that you can put Islam with Christianity! People are stupid.. They wanna combine everything to “please” everyone. Those people are idiots… Sheesh… If you wanna delete this comment you can… Argh… You know me too well

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