I am sitting in a living room with my friends and we’re eating food and hanging out. It’s awesome. I think the most wonderful part of it is that they’re all in the same room together. Laughter and jokes are everywhere as is the subject of Polish road construction and language grammar.
While I was riding here in the bus, I was really sad to think that we’ll be leaving here. This is the first time that I truly don’t want to leave. Don’t get me wrong- in the past I have been sad before…it’s just different. We drove through random neighborhoods and I began to dream what it will be like for us to live here.
We also went to a young adults group last night and it rocked. There wasn’t that my people there but it was fresh and real The leaders were our age and were leading the people with example. With all our ‘drama’ it has been a fantastic trip here. I love it here and I feel like I will fit in well. I must say that I am frustrated that I didn’t bring my black boots and black jacket…oh well. Right now I’m happy that Emma is sleeping and that we get to sleep in till 8:30. Good-bye 6:30 am wake up call! I’m on the weekend!

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