I have purposely been avoiding blogging…I’m tired of the story I’ve written about and I know it’s not done yet. OK so I’m going to try and finish it today…
*read previous posts to understand what I’m about to say…
As I called my trusty friend, Chloe the Killer, I lept to one side barely missing a swipe made by a blue cotton shirt. As soon as Chloe pounced onto the bed the action became furious! They remembered Chloe and her secret weapon. She has the ‘special skill’ of making things wet, yellow and smelly all at once. (She had to use it before to save me from a pair of jeans. However Travis had no understanding and wasn’t happy about it)
As she squatted and showed the clothes she wasn’t afraid to ‘use it’ they scattered. Some cramming themselves under the bed, others into our bathroom. And as Chloe and I worked together, I picked them off one by one- folded them like strait jackets and put them into a prison- our cold dark closet. As the bed began to empty the swarming sound, which had echoed in my ears, quieted down. Control was mine and the fight- for today- was finished.
As a reward, I gave Chloe water from a can of tuna.

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