What is your favorite season?

Today, as I drove home from a friends house at 9:30 am, God gave me a glimpse of my favorite season. Autumn. For those of you who love the summer and aren’t happy with this seasons weather stop reading and look into a past post.

While driving home I put on the jazz station and heard it compete with the sounds of rain pattering on our sunroof. I even indulged myself in turning on the heated seats! In that moment I was able to truly believe it was fall. I wanted to go pick pumpkins, drink hot spiced cider or hot chai’s and write a short story. The snugly feeling that I’ve spoken of before was there and I wrapped myself in it tightly. It was so wonderful and I promised myself that I would blog about it.
What is your favorite season?

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  1. Mine is actually the transitions of the seasons. When one season ends and the new one starts. It is something new being birthed, and although it sounds corny there are new adventures to be found and a renewing of the senses with each new season.

    I like all four

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