What a crappy day.

*I lost something that helps Emma eat well, but she’s wonderful and was flexible.

*I had to do errands on the computer, which decided to stop working for me and when I payed them they were more than we planned for.

*My grocery money is dwindling fast…and I haven’t gone shopping yet.

*I have a butt load of laundry to do- which is never something I look forward to.

* Emma is not wanting to sleep for the 3 hours she usually does, which was when I did my chores.

*I slept poorly and was hopeful to take a nap today- yeah right.

*I have dishes I have to do.

*And I’m fighting a sore throat.

This might sounds closer to whining, but man I need an outlet. What a crappy day. At least the weather is going well. Overcast and around 65 degrees-*sigh

What I need is a cozy blanket, preferably fleece, a hot spiced chai and a window to look out of and feel better. I think that is my weapon of choice when feeling this way. Oh well, I can at least do some of it today…after the grocery shopping, errands and cleaning.
I strive to do so much in my day and have fun in the process (which is the most important part) but it can feel exhausting at times.
Thank goodness for Sabbath’s (which in my case are Sunday’s), snuggly cats, spiced chai’s and warm blankets.

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  1. Sorry you had a bad day. Seems to be going around!

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