An Ode to Polkadots

Oh Polka dot how I love thee,
your circles ever so perfect.
Does my love leave with the fade of color?
No! Your uniform shape I will love forever.
Big, medium and small; you outrank them all.
I ignore stripes, plaid and all other prints
for the hope of just one glimpse.
A glimpse for me to see you stand
on a sales hanger waiting for just my hand.
Oh Polka dot how I love thee,
your circles ever so perfect.
On a dress for my sweet baby girl,
lucky for you she’s not a frill kinda girl.
or lace and such is not her style,
It is you polka dot, who always makes her smile.
Let’s make a deal now before you get worn.
Start this adventure of wear, wash, dry…
And you promise me you will never tye dye.
For you are the best, the top, the most,
and I’ll promise you I’ll never delete this post.
Oh Polka dot how I love thee,
Your circles ever so…is that a snag?

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  1. I love reading your posts, because they come from the heart. I pray that you and your Polkadots will never depart.

    You shall have them forever more until they are no longer sold at the store.

    LOL.. I love this Alexis!


  2. Your poem is super cute!! Polka Dots are quite amazing =]

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