Thoughts from Jesus to me

This is the second time I’m writing this…stupid computer for shutting off whenever you want.
Some things Jesus is showing me are these:

Jesus had such expectations put on him growing up. More than a typical first-born child. Why? Because Mary was told of how privileged he was before he was born. And they lived in such a way that I believe these expectations were expressed in a sometimes forceful way. Take the water to wine instance. Jesus told his mother that it was not the right time, but she still told the servants to follow whatever instruction he gave them. And he did it and everything went well, however this example shows me something I had not realized before. Jesus dealt with the same paternal pressure and expectations as I did. He loved his mother very much; however, I wonder what kind of high standards he had to live up to. Just a thought…

Secondly, I walk home from work. On a normal day it will take me an hour. I know Jesus walked everywhere, but I hadn’t realized that as Jesus walked…he had the knowledge of cars, trains and planes. This might seem elementary to some, but this was huge to me. He didn’t complain about having to walk in sandals, even though he knew about Nike. Jesus knew all of our technological advancements and knew how fast our cars would go. Nonetheless, he was chosen to come to earth during that time. Curious. I wonder that if he would have come now, he might have had more publicity, huh, probably.
It would be so hard for me to know about cars and still be forced to walk everywhere. And see everyone else who know not of trains and planes. I don’t know. This just simply told me of how disciplined Jesus was.
I know I complain more than I need to, and now I have a practical example.

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  1. I really love your heart for Jesus and thank you for sharing what He is showing you: your perspective is so refreshing! it blessed me this morning!

  2. Yes! I love new revelations. Don’t think I’ve thought of it that way before…hummm…Christ walking in sandals with the knowedge of Nike Air Walk…I’d be frustrated. However, that’s why he’s God and not me. Ciao Bella.

  3. hi, just visiting from the web. i found your husband’s site when searching for some switchfoot lyrics. i like this entry. except, i think the world would still be run by tyrants if not for Jesus, and there would not be much technological advancement. technology advances during peace time (we do not live in a peaceful world–what I mean is non-war time).

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